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Stamped parts

When forming a metal frame of plasterboard system, during basic mounting operations special fastening elements are used such as brackets, fasteners, extensions, clamps. These pressed articles are used to build up and securely fasten the guide profiles to the supporting structures and for fast connecting.
The production enterprise POTOKI GROUP has launched own production of pressed article, which include the main components for high-quality installation of gypsum boards and the creation of perfectly even surfaces. Coming with profiles we sell:
• Brackets – flat perforated plates for hanging and fixing the rails to the bearing structures of the ceiling.
• Fastener «Crab» - stiff cruciform joint for perpendicular profiles.
• СD - fasteners– m-shaped elements for longitudinal seam of roof profiles СD60/27.
• Screed strips – gib sticks to obtain even surface while plastering.
• Perforated corners – Profiles for protecting and forming a perfect corner geometry.
We also press to shape anchor slabs. Those elements ensure a secure mounting of window framework in filled-in panel. Our products feature high strength, perfect geometry and durability.
We use a galvanized sheet steel of domestic manufacturers for pressed articles manufacture. The products are manufactured in accordance with building regulations and requirements and with strict observance of technical conditions and accepted standards. A competent approach to the organization of manufacture and established relations with raw material supplier allow us to produce quality components at a best price

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The stamped products manufacturing in Potoki Group corresponds to the UNS. We are the Ukraine leader of sheet metal processing. It was hard to achieve such a result. But, application of German production technologies and priority of quality over quantity have yielded results. As result, Potoki Group got hundreds of customers appreciated our stamped products positively.

Using only branded German equipment, constantly upgrading skills of the masters, we bring out the manufacture of stamped details to a higher level. Stamped metal products are quite simple. But, non-compliance with technical conditions and using of unsuitable sheet metal leads to detales marriage. Therefore, we all do according to international standards and do not economize on metal.

Every feedback is important to us. Therefore, we pay attention to small things. Potoki Group also handles delivery anywhere in Ukraine. And our production facilities are ready to produce any quantity without loss of quality.

We look forward to long-term cooperation. We are trusted. Among our partners there are giants well-known abroad. This can not be achieved without proper execution of each order.