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Drywall profile

For interior decoration of residential, administrative, commercial buildings, to obtain a formation of bracket frame of partitions and suspended ceilings, the easy to mount lightweight and durable profiles for plasterboards are used.
Steel galvanized profile for plasterboard installation is widely represented in the range of metal products produced by the company STREAM GROUP. Our company produces the following items:
• Streamline profile CD, UD, CW, UW for wall cladding, installation of hung ceilings framework and erection of partitions;
• Riffled profile CD, UD, CW, UW manufactured under patented technology of Premium Steel for a frame base for plasterboard systems.
Having mastered manufacturing of profile under the brand Premium Steel with cross functional process of double faced pit profiling of thin sheet steel, we offered a conceptually new product to the construction industry. is easily to mount, it differs by the increased stiffness and strength to the forces of bending and twisting.
In our catalog, the customers can choose various nominal sizes of guiding rails and rack-mount profiles made of steel of 0.4 mm to 0.65 mm. Galvanizing coat protects metal against aggressive moisture attack increasing the service life of finished plasterboard systems.
Focusing on customers requirements POTOKI GROUP offers a profile for plasterboard in bulk at competitive prices. Established logistics of supplying raw materials and accurate production planning allow us to timely fulfill orders of any volume.


Advantages of the

manufactured profile are:


The freaking strength, ultimate compressive strength, centerline deformation and longitudinal compression are 30-50% higher than similar characteristic of classic streamlined profile. In addition to strength, it also simplifies transportation and storage. Uncritical physical impact (scratches, traces of decking, scrapes gained during transportation) do not harm market condition of the profile.

Easy to mount

The rack-mount profile held in the guide based on "mortise and tenon" principle without skidding The process of building up is easier, no perforation and fixation is required during imounting. No assembly steps are required when geometry of structure is to be changed during mounting.


By means of fixation of profile based on “mortise and tenon” principle, no perforation and fixing is required. The build-up of profiles is done without the application of bolt screws. Therefore, the assemblers can minimize the number of repetitive operations and decrease temporary losses during mounting. The time saved during the installation of the interior partition is 35%on average.

Easy to perforate

Thanks to the relief surface of the PREMIUM STEEL® profile, the self-tapping screw is equally easily drilled without slipping into any point of the profile with the possibility of a deflection angle of up to 450. The smooth profile screwed limited only by die-cuts or grooves.

Reliability and durability

Connection profile PREMIUM STEEL®, Connections profile PREMIUM STEEL® has an extended by 30% area of screwed connection of self-drilling screw with metal that provides better snatch characteristics. The buckling resistance of profile for frustration of external screw is 40% higher than streamlined profile.

Sound elimination

Thanks to profile wave structure suppressing sound vibrations the plasterboard structures assembled using PREMIUM STEEL® profile carry a greater sound sound-absorption. PREMIUM STEEL® profiles are less exposed to the resonance effect. The difference most noticeable in the building where low-powered and medium-powered electromotor are operating as well as sewing machines, drilling boring, milling facility.

Resistant to fire, biodestruction, moisture

Galvanized metal handles moist environment influence and relates to incombustible materials.

Affordable price

We offer profit making decision for interior furnishing at a lower cost

Testing our profiles showed the following. They are 30-50% stronger, 30% easier to install and an average of 35% reduce the time of work. In addition, the profiles for installing the drywall Potoki Group are 20% cheaper.

Why is that? It's all about qualification, expensive equipment and the use of Premium Steel® technology. As a result of our work, thousands of orders have been made for 100%. The long-term growth of Potoki Group could not be achieved without the appropriate quality products.

The production of profiles for gypsum board of any type is one of our advantages. The use of metal with a thickness of 0.4-0.55 mm allows you to work with any plasterboard structures of different scales. We produce up to 3 million meters of metal profiles per month. At the same time, every meter meets all quality criteria. Order the profile for drywall wholesale from us.

We optimize every order. Considering your needs, we will deliver the metal profile where necessary in the required quantity as soon as possible. We treat clients as business partners. Therefore, Potoki Group offers you always the most optimal solution. We look forward to long-term cooperation.